There are no minimum standards to becoming a member, but you must be safe.  You don't even have to shoot field target.  You just have to want to enjoy the lawful use of air guns.

Prior to applying to become a member of Dartmoor Marksmen Field Target Club, you will need to come along to five club shoots, held every Sunday. Some shooters attend every weekend, others spread their visits over some months. After 5 visits, as long as we like you, (and you like us!) You will be offered a full membership, and can come to the club any time during the week. Probationers are limited to Sundays only, unless they have permission from the committee.

COST Full members pay 2 per visit, probationers, or guests, 5.

All shooters must sign the range book.

Full membership costs 40 per annum,
Family, (1 adult, 1 child) 50,
Family, (2 adults, 2 children,) 80,
Junior, 20.
Payable on the annerversary of full membership.
 Minimum age is eight years, but only at the discretion of the committee. Juniors under 18 must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

There is a charge of 1 per visit to use the club air bottle. This saves you from having to buy your own bottle.


Talk to the Club Secretary. 

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